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Hi Friends, I am Rajendra Gawde Money Manager at Wealth Creation Services, We started our journey way back in July 1992 as a Life Insurance Agent. Slowly and gradually we spread our services into other Financial aspects such as Mutual Fund, Health Insurance, General Insurance. At Wealth Creation Services we feel that it is more important to manage your money than to earn it. You should manage your money in such a way that you should feel worry free financially in any kind of situation that means you should have a Financial Freedom. At Wealth Creation Services we take you to the Financial Freedom step by step.

Financial Freedom means setting oneself free of financial worries and getting ready before time while fulfilling any financial and family commitments like children education, marriage, your retirement, buying a dream car or house, going for a world tour etc. One may have different dreams of such kind but if you don’t plan it will remain your dream only, so to make it happen you have to make an action plan. Just like any journey we have to plan a financial journey. While going to journey we plan the venue (where to go) then comes a time and means of conveyance (when to go and how to go) and then taking an action like booking a ticket, hotel, conveyance etc. In the same way in Financial Freedom Journey we have to follow a process where to go, when to go and how to go?

In this process at Wealth Creation Services we set your financial goals and priorities first. Why priorities because it is not possible for everybody to start action to achieve all the goals at one go. Your commitment can be achieved only if you make it a goal. After setting your goals and priorities we do risk profiling. Risk profiling is nothing but finding out what type of plan will suit your risk appetite. Whether you will be moderate, conservative or aggressive while achieving your goals just like a batsman in cricket whether he is complacent or aggressive or mix of both.

Then comes the asset allocation where we have to decide from time to time how much percentage of your investment goes to which asset class like Equity, Debt, Gold, Liquid, FMP, Real Estate etc. It is not possible that every asset class will work at a time hence we will have to watch for a right time for right asset class to perform as per your financial plan.

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